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Lake Nostalgia
A guide to web sites that bring back the lake fun and boats of the past.  Find that first powerboat you rode in on classic boat web sites. 











Get out on the water and have some fun! The Wake Zone features articles on boating and water fun, along with boater's safety and maintenance tips.






Getting A Boat Ready For Winter 
Is it that time already? Time to clean up and put away the water toys and get the boat ready for winter! A little extra care now can be key for next springs boating enjoyment.

A Change Of Seasons
Enjoying the change of scenery that comes with the change of seasons is another one of the many reasons to love the lake. That is just one of the reasons that every fall, we take one last boat ride.

Buy the Jet Ski That's Right for You
It is a good idea to research all the choices before you walk into a showroom. It is even more important to determine your requirements first, and then decide which of the available choices is the best fit for your needs. Here are some questions to ask yourself before buying a jet ski.

Prep List for New Jet Ski Owners
Planning to buy a jet ski this season? Before you bring home your new toy, there are some things you need to do to prepare for it. Using this list can help ensure that your first time out on your new jet ski is fun and safe.

In-Water Boat Shows
Boat shows are always interesting to boat owners, but an in-water boat show is more fun for the whole family! Make sure you don't miss this chance to try out the newest boats.

USA Water Ski Welcomes Hydrofoiling As Newest Sport Discipline
USA Water Ski has announced that the United States Hydrofoil Association (USHA) has become the ninth official sport discipline of USA Water Ski.

Boat Insurance Basics 
Considering all the time we spend deciding what boat to buy, maybe we aren't spending enough time picking out the right insurance for our precious toys. Find out what you need to consider in your boat policy!

For a Day of Water Fun, Enter or Organize a Poker Run
A Poker Run is definitely not a race. A Poker Run is a day of fun on the water. It's all the excitement of a game of chance put together with the camaraderie and pleasure of boating.

Mid-Atlantic Wakeboard Series Spawns Nationally Recognized Wakeboarders

The wakeboard series has become quite popular among the wakeboarding enthusiasts, pulling in some of the best riders in the mid-Atlantic region.

Getting Started on the Hydrofoil
Every water sport has its own guidelines for riding successfully, and it took some time to get the feel of the hydrofoil and understand how it responds to various leans. Join Lance Wolak for a beginner hydrofoil lesson.

Wakeboarders - The Next Generation
ro riders like Andrew Adkison take the time to talk to young riders, and give them advice on how to compete and advance their skills. No wonder the sport is gaining in popularity so quickly!

Much Ado About Rafting Up
In recent years, the practice of “rafting up” or “tying up” on the lake has been gaining popularity. At the same time it has also been gaining notoriety. At some lakes it is causing disputes that are taking all the fun out of being at the lake.

Organize A Boat Parade
Pick a holiday or event and organize a boat parade! The whole family can get involved with this enjoyable American, patriotic lake tradition.

High Flyin' Hydrofoilers
Hydrofoiling is one of today’s most exciting extreme watersports. The use of the foil underwater allows riders to fly high over the water. Find out more about this watersport, the equipment and the riders.

Be Aware of PWC Ban Proposals
PWC owners need to make sure they take notice of proposed legislation changes. Are you aware that several states have been asked to selectively take away your ability to use your PWC on certain bodies of water?

Tying Up? Know How!
Boat tie-ups are a popular activity. Whether it's your first tie up, or you are a seasoned veteran, the general rules that everyone should know and follow to raft up with other boaters are explained in this article by Nate Davis, of

Before You Buy A Wakeboard
he wakeboard you choose will most likely reflect your skill level and the type/style of boarding you want to do. Find out what criteria to use in this article by Julie Bostian, Waterskiing /Wakeboarding guide for "What You Need to Know About"

Wakeboarding Tournaments
Want to see the most amazing aerial acrobatics ever? Think you have what it takes to impress the judges? Attend or participate in a wakeboard tournament at your lake.

The Art and Science of The Wake
When is a wake not just a wake? When you are ready to go for big air! So how do you go about getting the wake you need? There are different ways to create the perfect monster wake.

Bring on the Boat Shows!
One of the bright spots in a lake lover's dreary winter is attending a boat show. Boat shows are a great place to find out what is new and how boats compare.

What's Hot - Boat Show Finds
We turn to Boat Shows to get our boat fix. We go to see what the new models look like, and what new features are being promoted by all the different manufacturers.

Stay in Shape for the Wakes
What can you do now to improve your riding skills for the next season? Plenty! Tailor your winter workout to maximize their impact on your wakeboarding with these endurance, coordination and skill enhancing techniques.

Getting A Boat Ready For Summer
There are lots of things to do to get ready for another summer at the lake. It is well worth spending a couple of hours checking your boat’s important systems and equipment to save major headaches later.



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