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The Mid-Atlantic Wakeboard Series Spawns Nationally Recognized Wakeboarders

by Lance Wolak



Scott and Cara Dickens along with Sandy Appleman, partners at Glass and Powder Boardshop in Richmond Virginia, put on a series of wakeboard competition festivals each year. The series consists of several events during the summer months, across Virginia and North Carolina. The wakeboard series has become quite popular among the region's wakeboarding enthusiasts. The wakeboarders, along with their families and friends, all have a great time at the events. For that reason, Scott and Cara prefer to call these events “festivals”, rather than tournaments. The festivals not only draw some of the best riders in the mid-Atlantic region, but many new riders as well, since they are open to all skill levels. Because of the number of events, the new riders get to compete with and measure up to the best out there. While you may initially think this environment would be discouraging to the new riders, it actually gives them something to aim for. Some of these new riders have developed into nationally ranked wakeboarders. A few weeks ago I talked Scott about the success of these events.


LakeAnnaBUZZ: Your events are some of the best that we’ve seen in the region. When did it all start for you?


Scott: We've been doing the events since the summer of 1999. In that first summer we did 20 events in 22 weeks, counting contests, clinics, etc. It was crazy. Some days we had 10 riders, some days we had 50. We were featured on WakeTV that first summer, along with Wakeboarding Magazine, Launch Magazine, and local media. It was great and taught us many lessons about how to run and organize a successful event for families and riders alike. We've scaled back the number of events, but made them MUCH bigger since then.


LakeAnnaBUZZ: Okay, I have to ask the question everyone is thinking. The Mid-Atlantic region has a number of great wakeboarders that have progressed through your wakeboarding series. Who are some of the great riders that you have seen develop?


Scott: Over the years we've helped develop a great little network of regional and national riders. We've seen people start riding in our tournaments at age 8, who are now 14 and 15 years old and killing it on the water! Travis Propst started riding for us when he was barely doing grabs on the water, now he's ranked #3 in the country in Jr. Men's on the Wakeboarding Pro Tour, and placed 4th at the 2004 World Championship. He's throwing wake to wake 720's, KGB's, and other tricks that you usually only see in magazines and in videos.


LakeAnnaBUZZ: That’s great! Tell us more…


Scott: Adam Fields is competing on the pro tour and is one of the smoothest riders to watch anywhere. Brian Reeder has been in our events for the last three years, and was sponsored by the shop for much of that - now he's the #1 "Men's I" rider in the country. Another rider who's participated in our tournaments, Todd Anthony is the #1 "Men's II" rider in the country. Rick Miller is another rider that has ridden for us in the past. He is the #4 "Masters" division national champion. It seems that more and more nationally-recognized riders are coming from our immediate area, which I'm very proud of. Not that we had anything directly to do with it, or that competition is even the most important thing - it's just great to see so many riders that I've watched have fun in our events go on to good things. We're really happy for all of them. They've worked very hard.


LakeAnnaBUZZ: Well, obviously these riders have put the time and hard work in to get where they are. But you have provided the competitive environment for them to reach for greatness. I’m sure I speak for the riders you have mentioned and the many others participating in your events -- we appreciate what you have done for the sport in the Mid Atlantic region and the events that you have put on for these riders to learn and grow. And we look forward to your upcoming events. Thanks!


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