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A Change Of Seasons

Before we winterize the boat, we try to get in one last lake outing every year. It always takes place around the end of October or the beginning of November. We wait for a sunny day, gather up our fleece jackets, cameras and sunglasses, and uncover the boat. Knowing it will be our last boat ride for a long time to come heightens our appreciation of the water. All the sights and sounds of the lake are absorbed and filed away for reference during the cold winter days ahead. A heron taking flight. A fisherman landing a fat fish. The sun warming up a quiet cove.

While we are out we see others who are doing the same thing we are. Cruising around and enjoying the lake with the beauty of the fall colors adorning the shoreline. There are not many boats out on the water on these fall days, so the few of us that are out feel a kind of kinship. We wave at each other, and even stop to chat with people we may not know, but understand. After all, we know we share this need to enjoy the lake one last time.

The water provides one of the prettiest backdrops there is for the colorful leaves. Others may go to the mountains to overlook majestic valleys of fall colors, but I prefer to see the reflection of the leaves on the water. I like seeing the changes to all the familiar places we see every weekend over the summer.

We usually see some determined water sports devotees trying to get in one last waterskiing or wakeboarding session. They are typically in their wetsuits to keep the worst of the chill from sending them in. Nowadays we see a few jet skiers out for their last spin on the lake too. Seems everyone has to say good-bye to the water for the winter in his own way.

Till spring comes, the memories and the pictures will have to serve as our lake fix. Just 170 more days till we can get the boat ready for summer!


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