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In-Water Boat Shows

When is a boat show more fun? When it is an in-water boat show. During the winter months, many boat lovers get a little boat fix by going to a boat show at a convention center or other large indoor venue. However, during the spring and fall, many local boat retailers show off their new beauties at in-water boat shows. And they let you take her for a spin!

In-water boat shows make a lot of sense, since you can't make an educated decision on a boat purchase without trying the boat in the water. You can't buy a boat just because it looks great on the show floor. If you have never driven a v-drive inboard, you might be surprised by how it maneuvers at low speeds. Or, you might find out that some types of boats don't ride as smoothly over wakes as you want. A good boat salesperson will try to make sure that the boat you choose suits your needs. However, nothing beats a test drive for making sure.

An in-water boat show will sometimes even allow you to try riding behind the boat. Wakeboarders really need to try different makes and models of boats before making a purchase decision, since the size and shape of the wake is so important to their ability to perform their tricks.

One other aspect of in-water boat shows makes them more fun than an indoor show. If you already have a boat, you can go to the show by water! The show just provides a destination for another boat ride, which is more fun for the whole family. Doing this gives also you a chance to truly compare your existing boat to the new boats.


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