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Essential Equipment and Other Tips
In order to prepare food quickly and without a lot of clean up, you need to make sure you have the right equipment.








Whether you already have a lake house, or you hope to have one  in the future, this section can help with tips and guidelines for enjoying lakeside living.







Keeping the Night Warm
Think that you canít enjoy the lake anymore because itís too cold? Think again, there are lots of ways to extend your season at the lake by warming up the great outdoors!

Winterizing Your Lake Home
Here are some checklists to make sure everything is battened down for winter. If you get your lake home ready now, when you come back for your winter getaways, you'll have a terrific weekend!

New Technology in Dock Pilings

New technology saves docks and piers from winter damage.  Harsh winter conditions can take a serious toll on docks and piers - once ice forms around the pilings it forms a bond with the wood, gripping and then lifting the piles out of the ground.

New Dock Technology
If you are thinking about building a new dock or adding to an existing one, make sure you consider the using some of the newer technologies available. Two things worth serious consideration are the new plastic drive on docks, as well as plastic decking materials.

Refreshing Your Wood Furniture
If you have a wooden picnic table, benches, chairs, swing or other wooden outdoor furniture that is showing its age, refresh it before the summer starts. This article gives you an overview of how to plan for and perform the cleaning and staining.

Bringing the Tunes to the Lake
Is there a solution for those of us who are tired of not having any good radio stations in our remote lake locations, and are tired of having to carry CD's on the boat in order to have some decent tunes to listen to on the water?

Screened Porches
If you don't have a screened porch on your lake home, you have probably considered adding one. Why are they so popular? Find out how you can plan one to suit your needs.

Hot Fun In The Wintertime
Make some waves of your own this winter. While some winterize their hot tub to prevent pipes from freezing, many of us prefer to relish the enveloping warmth of the hot tub in cold weather.

Log, Logs and More Logs!
We went to the Log Home Living show in Virginia recently, and brought back pictures to share. Whether you are getting ready to build your dream log home, or you already have it, don't miss the Log Home Show!

Log Home Dreaming
One of the questions every log home dreamer eventually asks is: How does the price of a log home compare to conventional homes? Here are some guidelines regarding the actual differences in the price of a conventional custom home and a custom log home.

The Untouchables
Don't let poison oak, ivy or sumac get you down this spring. Refresh your memory of what they look like. Read how to avoid getting it, and what to do if you get it despite all precautions.

Of Lake Piles and Lists
There is more to taking care of a lake house than meets the eye. One way I try to deal with the never-ending need to get things done is to organize and simplify. Here's how!.

Getting Started with Music Downloads - Part I
Listen to more of your favorite music now than ever before. It is easy to create and add to music collections, which can be used over and over.

Getting Started with Music Downloads - Part II
Find out how your computer may end up being the central piece of your total home entertainment system as your music downloads build your entertainment library.

Getting Started With Music Downloads - Part III
Adding a portable music player to your entertainment options adds more than most people think.

The Graceful Great Blue Heron
The great blue heron can be seen at almost any lake or river in North America, gracefully and efficiently hunting its prey. Find out more about this beautiful lake neighbor.

Fall is here, so watch your step, there might be a web in any corner. Learn which spiders can be poisonous to humans, and which are only beneficial.

A Place of Your Own
Find your piece of heaven on a lake near you.  With these guidelines you will be enjoying your property for years to come.

So You're Ready To Build A Dock
Design it around your lifestyle.  Create a requirements checklist before you start.

Making Room For Guests
If your lake house draws lots of visitors, you may need more than a standard guest bedroom.

Protect Your Home From Carpenter Bees
Learn how to detect and prevent carpenter bee damage.

The Blue-Tail Skink
The variety of wildlife around the lake is one of its many attractions.

The Great TV Debate
Should we have a TV in our weekend lake house? This is a question most lake homeowners will spend some time considering.

Holiday Aromas
Get yourself and your family in the mood for the holidays! Fill your house with the fragrance of real pine branches or the spicy aroma of cinnamon.

Welcome Summer
Time for all you lake lovers to get ready for another great summer! The first long weekend of the summer is almost here - Memorial Day weekend. Here are some tips and lists of things to do and have ready before summer starts.



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