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Logs, Logs and More Logs!

by Lori Wolak

Anyone who is thinking of building a log home should take advantage of the opportunity to go to a log home show. Not only are the log home companies there to tell you about their advantages, but many other related products are represented. Furniture, fixtures, spas, and other log home necessities are found in abundance. Going to the log home show can ensure that you know what all of your choices are, and you are getting the most log home for your money.

If  you already have your log home, a log home show is just the place to pick up a new antler chandelier, or some new log home decorations. We went to the Log Home Living show in Virginia recently, and brought back pictures to share.

Even if you don't have a log home, there is such a variety of interesting products represented, that the show is worth taking the time to explore. And you might just find your dream home while you're there. So, take a peek at what the new log homes are all about here.


Attending a Log Home Show is a great start towards making your dream of owning a log home a reality. Exhibitors from log and timber frame companies along with unique decor and furniture makers, can help you to define your dream home.

Log Home Shows are designed to appeal to every level of log home enthusiast—from the novice to the seasoned veteran. You will find a wide array of products of interest. Some individuals attend to learn more about log and timber frame homes. Others are seriously considering purchasing a log or timber frame home and hope to discuss options with company representatives, increase their knowledge by attending workshops and gather information and resource material.

Whatever your goal for the show, enjoy the unique and fun products and crafts you will see there, such as Appalachian style furniture, pictured here.






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