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Great Gift Ideas for Lake Lovers


It's that time of year again. Looking for ideas for what to get the lake lovers in your life? Here are some gift ideas that are sure to be a hit with friends and family who share your love of the lake.

For any lake lover on your list, weather stations with an outdoor sensor, which send a signal to an indoor display is a great gift. Sometimes the nearest weather forecast is many miles away from the lake. Everyone from fishermen to serious wakeboarders appreciates accurate information on what to expect from the weather. Being armed with good information on what to expect helps you to plan your day or weekend to take full advantage of changes in the weather. These tools can range in price from $29 to $900, depending on their complexity and your requirements. Makes a nice family-to-family gift, or a great gift for a Dad who doesn’t already have one. Many of these also come equipped with a self-setting clock, so power outages don’t require a manual reset. Portable devices are also now available if you want to be able to get weather updates on the go.

Another thoughtful high-tech gift for lake lovers is a satellite radio receiver. Since many lakes are far from a wide choice of radio stations, satellite radio is a great choice to give lake lovers access to every type of radio choice. The new portable options even allow you to move the receiver from house to boat to car as needed.

One of the most thoughtful gifts I ever received was from a friend who had visited our lakehouse. A few years ago she had a lovely sign made that says “Welcome to Our Home”, with our name on it. Personalized gifts always mean more. Just make sure the style is in keeping with the home of the person you are giving it to.

For the water sport enthusiast, nothing beats an equipment upgrade for a gift. These are high-priced gift items, but this is a great time to give a gift that can be anticipated before the season, and enjoyed the entire season. Check the water sports catalogs to replace any worn equipment, or equipment that was bought used to test the sport out. Perhaps new equipment is needed to keep up with skill level. Also keep an eye out for equipment that has been enhanced to improve the sport. I noticed several examples of this when looking through some of the latest catalogs. Advances are being made very quickly in the materials and designs of wakeboards in particular. Even the towropes are being improved.

As always, there are lots of new ideas in towable water toys to check out. Updated versions of tubes and bananas are available if that will make someone's lake experience complete.

Don’t forget about making sure everyone has a good well-fitting life jacket (personal floatation device) for the coming season. If you haven’t gone to neoprene yet, try it for the comfort. These jackets are not as pricey now as they were when they were first introduced, and make a nice gift for someone whose jacket has not been updated in awhile.

Other small accessories, such as gloves and waterproof watches, need to be replaced periodically. Getting a water sports gift is great for gearing up for the season early. Speaking of early seasons, does everyone on your list have a wetsuit? Nothing helps extend someone’s season like a good wetsuit.

If you want to give a water sports gift, but want to make sure the recipient can get exactly what they want, a gift certificate to a nearby shop, or one of the larger catalogs will be sure to please any lake lover.


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