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As Another Summer Ends

Admitting That Summer is Over

Summer is really over. Itís hard to admit it, but I know it is true because there is a chill in the air. We have already had to turn on the heat a few times.  Also, the kids are back in school and are busy dealing with new classes, teachers and homework challenges. And letís not forget the beginning of the sports practices and games. I have already made the appointment to have the boat winterized, and we are getting ready to clean and put away the water toys for another long winter.

No matter how painful it is, no matter how much we want to deny it, we canít. We will have to stop wearing our favorite shorts and sandals and start keeping track of umbrellas and jackets. No more boat rides, or lazy hot days floating in a quiet cove. No more rushing to get out on the lake and enjoy water sports and beautiful lake views. And no more falling into bed exhausted after being in the sun and enjoying all the lake has to offer all day.

We are actually very grateful to be finished mowing the grass for another winter! We wonít even talk about trimming bushes and pulling weeds for at least six months. Leaf raking and snow shoveling will take the place of mowing and trimming.

Looking Back

As we start getting ready for winter it is a good time to reflect on the events of this summer. Taking a look at the pictures we took is always a good start. They help us remember specific days and events, and bring back the feeling of summer. Sometimes we are too busy living the moment to document it in pictures, but when we do take pictures we are always glad to look at them later. A cold rainy Saturday is a great time to get out the pictures of last summerís water sports triumphs or gatherings of friends and family and relive the summer memories.

Sometimes during the winter months weíll just take a walk down to the dock bundled in our warm coats to look around and remember the days the dock was full of friends and family enjoying summer at the lake. Just being around the water can have a soothing effect, even if you have no desire to jump in due to the chilly temperatures.

Distracting Ourselves

One thing we do to help keep from missing summer too much is keep ourselves busy. Friends organize gourmet dinner parties or chili cook-offs on the weekends, now that we are not spending all our time on our boats. My husband and I mull over potential home improvement projects. Winter is our time to get things like painting or other time-consuming projects done. At this time of year I also get ready to successively decorate and un-decorate the house for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas over three months.

The kids arrange to visit and play with their school friends, have sleepovers, go roller skating and to movies. Homework and school takes up the bulk of their time, so at least they are not complaining about being bored.

Itís never too early for us to begin planning activities for next summer, such as a kick-off summer party, a boat parade, or future wakeboarding dates with friends.


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