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Check out the new  recipe for the delicious leftover turkey fiesta salad in Dinner is Served! Warm up with smooth Amaretto Sours in Party Drinks.


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Breakfast Is Ready!

Party Drinks


Side Dishes

Dinner Is Served!


Rainy Day Options







We love to entertain at the lake. Here are ideas and tips for elegant entertaining which help us enjoy our time with our guests. You'll find tips to keep your cooking and cleaning time to a minimum.





Some Like It Hot!
Now that the weather is getting cooler, it’s a great time to warm up with some great-tasting all-American fun, a Chili Cook-off.
Here is some advice on what types of cook-offs you can participate in, and some tips on how to host your own!

Part II: Smoking Meat

Buying Your Smoker And The Stuff With Which You Will Make Magic –OR- Your spouse is going to kill you at the sight of all the junk you bought.

Part I: Smoking Meat

What is This “Barbecue” Thing, What Is A Smoker and What Do I Need to Know Before I Dive In?

Return of the Grill Meister
We were recently invited to a dinner, where steaks were cooked on a charcoal grill. Having cooked on a gas grill for many years, we became instant converts. We set out to find out all the secrets of real old-fashioned grilling.

Essential Equipment and Other Tips
In order to prepare your food quickly and without a lot of clean up, you need to make sure you have the right equipment.

Cinco de Mayo Party Planner
A Cinco de Mayo party is a great way to kick off the new boating season! Learn why we celebrate this important event, and ways to bring the fiesta spirit to your party.

No-Sweat Dinner Parties With Flair
A dinner party doesn’t have to be a strain on your nerves or your budget, especially if it is arranged as a group or club activity. Get ready to start an international gourmet club with your friends.

Best Holiday Buffet Strategies
Holiday entertaining means having lots of guests. Here are some tips to help you put together a buffet that will make it easy for your guests to serve themselves, as well as creating an eye-catching centerpiece.


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