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The Lake Channel is for people who love the lake. We are dedicated to providing you with information to maximize your enjoyment of any lake activity. The Lake Channel offers information and ideas on lake houses and docks, water activities and safety, entertaining guests, and family fun.

Sharing the lake and boating experience is a very special way to bring families and friends together in a relaxing setting. Being together outdoors, and enjoying nature’s beauty is one reason so many people are drawn to lakes. Family and friends who spend time together on the water will have wonderful memories to look back upon.

On the water we are far away from deadlines, traffic jams, and other everyday stresses and pressures. In today’s fast-paced world, time spent relaxing and enjoying one another’s company is more precious than ever. The lake provides one of the best places to “get away from it all” for a day, a weekend, a long vacation, or retirement. The many different activities that are available on a lake truly provide a place where there is something for everyone, from the dedicated angler or birdwatcher, to sun worshippers and wake boarders. Variety is the spice of lake life.

We created The Lake Channel because of the many hours of enjoyment and relaxation we have enjoyed at the lake. The lake is a part of our life we cherish and we look forward with boundless enthusiasm to every lake experience. We hope to share our passion for the lake life, and the things we have found to enhance it, with you.



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